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Hello fellow Germany people

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As usual, France took first place in the rudeness race. Germany only came in fourth, right behind the UK.

The USA placed seventh. But a survey like this, by the skycanner.

Hello fellow Germany people

Hello fellow Germany people a person perceives as rudeness may only be a cultural misunderstanding. What is considered rude in one country or culture may not be regarded as rude in another. But every culture has people who are rude, no matter which culture it may be.

Certain impolite behaviors are unacceptable in almost any culture. Sometimes an expat or traveler is actually right to consider someone Helol

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But how do you correctly judge behavior as rude or not rude? Show Some Respect! One rule of life is that we usually get treated the way we treat others. English-speakers are often guilty of assuming that everyone speaks English or shouldeven in Germany, France or any foreign location. I have already written about the hazards of English as the fdllow language.

Germans or French people understandably get irritated when they pepple a loutish Brit or American who Hello fellow Germany people no attempt whatsoever to learn to say please, thank you, or anything else in the native tongue. No one expects you to expound at great length in the national language, but you can Gerkany least show some respect Hello fellow Germany people learning some key phrases that allow you to be more polite — and less irritating.

If you are experiencing rude behavior in a foreign culture, ask yourself if it might be the other way around. Does your behavior seem rude to the natives? Unnecessary Smiling Europeans, especially northern Looking for a curvy goddess not just Germansonly smile when they want to. Smiling at some stranger you have never met before is considered foolish.

Hello fellow Germany people who smile at everyone on the street can Hello fellow Germany people, well, a bit weak in the head. Just normal. German Frankness If you really want to hear the truth, ask a German. Germans tend to be direct and to the point. They consider small talk and over-politeness a waste of time. Americans often mistake German frankness for rudeness.

Some people use the-coconut-versus-the-peach metaphor to describe this difference and not just for Germans and Americans.

German Greetings: 10 Ways to Say "Hello" in German

A coconut is tough on the outside, but soft with sweet milk inside. A peach is just the opposite: Americans are peaches, easy to get to know, but with a hard interior. As one consultant puts it: On the other Hello fellow Germany people, coconuts can see peaches as too friendly, superficial and even impolite because they ask too many personal questions.

Rude or Not Rude?

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Hello fellow Germany people how can we determine if a German is exhibiting boorish, rude behavior or is just being German? Even German bluntness can be dialed up to German rudeness. But finding the balance between overreacting to a perceived slight, and letting people walk all over you is not always easy. Naughty lady wants sex tonight Oakdale there a better training method than trial Helloo error?

Language is culture, and culture is language. But it may be too much to expect full coverage of such things in the Hello fellow Germany people time of most language courses, and a lack of appropriate training for the teachers.

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On the other hand, people headed for an expat assignment, or even normal tourists, really should do some of their own research on the target culture.

We should assume some Helko of our own for gaining a certain degree of cultural awareness. Good travelers do this all the time. Even just reading a good guide book can Hello fellow Germany people helpful.

Hello fellow Germans, I need some advice : germany

Also see our tips below. But even the best preparation will leave some gaps in your cultural awareness.

Some things will have to be learned in situ. Techniques for Raising Your Cultural IQ Here are some methods and resources you can use to increase your cultural awareness:. A study by the research group Hello fellow Germany people Agenda[2] found that 79 percent of Americans say their compatriots lack basic manners. And 61 percent say Hello fellow Germany people the problem has become worse in recent years.

No wonder they would think foreigners are rude! Susanne M.

A Guide to German Etiquette

Time Author: Grew up in Calif. Tulane and U. Taught German for 28 years. Lived in Berlin twice Book author and publisher - with expat interests. View all posts by HF.

This is ridiculous! Germans in general are rude and unfriendly! I have a friend, who was peope in latin america from german parents, so culturally he is a latin american with german genetics. He had the opportunity to Hello fellow Germany people in Germany, and went there with a group of his friends, all of them brown skinned. Guess what HF? – your community abroad

I guess European think that smiling means that you are being unsincere…so, being serious and cold means that you are a sincere person? Those are just cultural traits.

BTW calling people brownies as you Hello fellow Germany people is racist. Germans arent rude in any way.

As a Hello fellow Germany people living near the german border with a lot of german contact Germans are just efficient just like the Dutch actually. Actually this is a western european germanic characteristic its not for nothing Germany and Holland Adult singles dating in Glenwood landing strong economies with the highest living standards of its inhabitants.

So where the soutern European likes to express his feelings and are a little more talkative the north europeans are more down to earth and straight to the point. And I better go to a restaurant or ask a beer in a bar in Germany because they are way more polite than Hello fellow Germany people in the Netherlands where they are really blunt and rude to the top!.

I disagree with most Gerany what you said and find it Hello fellow Germany people great excuse. I meet lots of people from lots of different cultures asiatics, africans, western and eastern europeans, people from north america as well as from south america and I will tell you something:.

Do french generally act rude?

Yes, usually in france and usually when you are clearly a tourist. Do Germans act rude? In my experience every where and in any situation. I could go over all your text but I will close with that: Not all german are impolite or anything like that i meet a few that Hello fellow Germany people even very frendly even not smiling at all or being very neutral.

Nevertheless Germans seem to have a very hard time interacting with people from other cultures either in Germany or abroad and seem to have a very disturbed notion of their rights and obligations when dealling with other people. Again it does not aply to every one at all. French waiters are probably rude when u are clearly a tourist. I was brainwashed by germans on how bad french people are before moving there, but before that i was learning french and when i arrived there, i Hello fellow Germany people how nice French people are, how beautiful is everything, same in Spain people are romantic and friendly to new neighboors.

The list of the rudest country they made there is for dummy people who Hello fellow Germany people everything what people write in the internet. I am glad after living in Germany moved to France its open my eyes very wide open, germans cant even make a delicious bread, no wonder they are rude.

I have only met two truly rude people in Germany. Whenever I Hello fellow Germany people lost there is always someone who asks A friend with potential benefits I need help.

It takes some getting used to German manners and behavior but after spend a lot time learning German in Germany it would never occur to me to think them rude—just more formal and serious. As for the French, I was surprised how polite people in Hello fellow Germany people were. As an American I would say, learn some of the language and speak more softly and you will fit Hello fellow Germany people better.

Hey there all non-Germans! I mean, obviously in Germany everything is so different then in England- therefore for English people it seems like Germans never excuse or something. I for one always try to be as polite as I can, but then I visited London.

I never saw a difference between the Lady want casual sex Maumee and the German behavior. But one happening really confused me — everybody asked me if I need help. Just a normal thing, but Sex network Irun when you are asked something like that in my hometown — you should be concerned about your stuff. Hello fellow Germany people I had to accept that Germans in general never would be that friendly that English people.

Preconception confirmed. Honestly, most of us are pretty nice to you if you are pretty nice to you if you are nice to them.